Academy Payroll

Time to Switch or Stick?

Balancing the books can be stressful at times, often an under appreciated task undertaken by the school's unsung heroes. The very last thing you need is uncertainty in critical services that hold your school budget together.

Having a robust payroll partner remains one of the most significant assets a school can call upon when navigating the financial tightrope. When this relationship isn't in harmony more often than not, the partner becomes a hindrance and in times like this cool heads are in order - the next move is an important one.

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Can the relationship be salvaged?

Start on the premise that payroll is not something you want to move - find the breakdown points and ask the right questions:
• Process - Ask your provider to fit around your workflow and turnaround times.
• Visibility - Request monthly reports to be presented in a manner you can work with.
• Communication - Request contact via phone not just email.
• Consistency - Request one or two named contacts to handle your payroll.

If all else fails, it’s time to consider a move….

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What's the risk?

School payroll can be a complicated creature and requires specialist skills, experienced in handling local government and teachers’ pension schemes, pay grades and scales to name but a few. Therefore, it is essential that any new provider who takes on this task has a strong track record in the Education Sector and can provide you with reliable testimonials before making the switch.


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Benefits of switching include:

Education Support Team - Named contacts for your school, contactable via phone

  • Bespoke Reporting - Payroll reports, your data, the way you want it.
  • Quick Turnaround Times - Plenty of time and opportunity to check your payroll before final run.
  • Transparency in Pricing - Fair and honest price structure based on school's staff numbers.
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