Benefits of using our BACS accredited bureau

BAC enables us to pay staff salaries, 3rd party and HMRC payments on your behalf.


It is important to note that you will need a BACS user number to utilize this service. If you are unsure at this stage, it is important to check with your bank before proceeding.

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Setting Up BACS

If you don't currently have a BACS facility but are looking to setup Bacs for SGW Commercial Payroll to process payments on your behalf, we have outlined a simple step by step guide to help you get there.

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Contact your Bank Relationship Manager.

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Request an indirect Submitter Application Form

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Complete the application form and list our bureau number B40041 with our name as SGW Payroll Ltd.

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Return form to your bank.

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Await a response from the bank with a Service User Number (SUN).

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Send your SUN and bank details to SGW Payroll.

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SGW will test BACS to ensure the service is working using a test file.

Submitter Application Forms

If you are a customer of any of the banks below, you can download their Submitter Application Forms by clicking on the link..

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