Benefits of using our BACS accredited bureau

We can pay staff salaries, 3rd party and HMRC payments on your behalf.

It is important to note that you will need a BACS user number to utilize this service. Some maintained schools may not have access to their own bank account and therefore cannot benefit from this service - if you are unsure at this stage, it is important to check with your LA before proceeding.

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Setting Up BACS

If you don't currently have a BACS facility but are looking to setup Bacs for SGW Education Payroll to process payments on your behalf, we have outlined a simple step by step guide to help you get there.

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Contact your Bank Relationship Manager.

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Request an indirect Submitter Application Form

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Complete the application form and list our bureau number B40041 with our name as SGW Payroll Ltd.

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Return form to your bank.

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Await a response from the bank with a Service User Number (SUN).

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Send your SUN and bank details to SGW Payroll Ltd.

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SGW will test BACS to ensure the service is working using a test file.

Submitter Application Forms

If you are a customer of any of the banks below, you can download their Submitter Application Forms by clicking on the link..

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