Pension Management Service

It is now compulsory for all UK employers to automatically enrol eligible employees into their company's pension scheme.


We can offer you two auto-enrolment options depending on how much responsibility you wish to hand over.


The Full Managed Service

For complete peace of mind, our experienced pension team takes care of the whole process on your behalf, including the processing, liaison and communications with your pension provider.

The Pension Audit

  • Assessment of employee eligibility
  • Process opt-ins & opt-outs
  • Deduct contributions
  • Produce pension reports


Pension Data Collection

  • Update data to pensions provider (Nest & Peoples Pension)


Pension Communication

  • Employee notification letters




Integrated Service

If you prefer to keep control over certain areas of the pension process then our integrated service allows you to pick and choose what operations stay with yourself.  

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